Raw Bamboo
All our bamboo products are made of local high quality Mao bamboo (Maozhu), Mao bamboo grows much slower in our area than in other part of China due to the climate and soil Thus making it more dense and harder than most bamboo flooring sold on the market
Raw Process
Purchasing bamboo materials ,cutting fixing pieces , shaving smooth
Bolling and drying
All bamboo strips are boiled to remove the starch in hot water for 2 hours, so as to prevent insects and mildew damage with preservation
Fine process
Fine mill for bamboo slice and Select color and shine for bamboo slice
Glue bamboo silce and thermocom-prestion.
Combining slice under hotcompress-ing ,cold treating
Combining layers under Hot compressing ,cold treating
Cutting to Size
Cutting and shaving 4 sides into the desired specifications
Tongue & Grooves
We use the finest woodworking machines to keep all tolerances at less than 0.2mm .This ensures that there will be no gaps between floorboards
Coarse sand ,reverse side paint, ultraviolet ray baking; Obverse side paint (1st time ),UV ray baking, fine sanding
Spraying UV Lacquer 6 times
Check quality and encapsulation